If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way

I started this post with a quote from Napoleon Hill, and I confess I have heard this quote the first time when I was still at university.

“If you can not do great things, do small things in a great way” – Napoleon Hill

By that time, at the end of Uni I wanted so much to do something great. And I guess everyone had that felling once. Either a project, a top grade, a compliment from mentors. But just do something bigger, different than others. When you are under your mentor’s guidance that seams quite easy to ask for orientation. And even out of the Uni, on your private life, it seams like no mater where you go, you are always doing the right thing…

But after a few accomplishments, you are left alone with your certificate – or not – in this brave new world you have just discovered. And it might really be an outstanding world specially at the beginning. But after a few years, you need to remember to stay sharp. Keep learning. Keep achieving your goals. Keep thinking out of the box.

This post in fact is just to share with you the way I found out how to keep searching for contents of my interest and the best way (for me) to return something to community.

Here are two links that made my life feel much more worthy (well, we all go through difficult phases where we need to feel better with ourselves to realize how worthy we are to have the life we live). It certainly gave me a better feeling of fulfillment after I accomplished these goals.

There it goes:

alison.com – a platform that shares many options of courses and even grants certificates from the world’s best universities. FOR FREE.

unv.org – United Nations Volunteer, a platform that allows you to join forces with the United Nations and help to spread peace around the globe. You can choose to collaborate online for a long or short term. Be a volunteer.

The key is that regardless of getting a certification, you don’t need to prove to the world how much you have improved, but the world (or the way you see it) will show you how much you have changed. Do not place limits to yourself, because nobody around you is doing so!

It is so easy to complain that things are not going the way you have planned in your life. But I found out that little changes can really turn into a great result. Don’t attach yourself to the bigger picture, just keep doing the small things on the way of improvement and one day you might realize that they were the great things.

The tips above are such small things, but I bet you will feel more personally fulfilled if you achieve some goals offered by these tools. Or any other… Mindset to improve little by little. Everyday.

To complete, here are some other mindsetting thoughts that I like ♥

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