Bruna Pickler’s insights – Featured Archery Event (Interport Indoor Archery Open – Hong Kong – Star Shoot)


International archery event will take place in Hong Kong on July 20th and 21st


“My hope for this year’s Hong Kong competition is to finish amongst the 10 best female archers.

I have prepared myself a lot for this event, and I am glad I can count on my team’s support to have come this far. We all trained hard to compete at this level, and despite me being the rookie amongst us, last year’s competition gave me good experience. I was knocked out on the first round, but as I had no experience, I told myself anything could go.

All my supportive training in these 12 months were comprised of: horse riding in Hong Kong and Australia, daily weight training at the gym and ocasional strength training at the sea in Macao. This hard work gave me enough physical strength and mental strength. This way I can arrive next week in Hong Kong knowing I will do better than I did last year. That is a must.

I also count on and thank for having managed my sports career with mastership for the past few years, and thus letting me have my own high-end Olympic equipment at the moment. Without which, there wouldn’t be a chance that I could still compete at this sport.

As some of my teammates from University of Macau Student Union Archery Association are aiming to catch the second phase of World Archery Championship, specially the Macao phase, team synergy will play a great deal role while our stay in Hong Kong.

Special thanks to Horse Pilot France, who made possible for me to train every single day with top quality garments on all the disciplines that I train.

I also must acknowledge BEST Archery (ShenZhen) for the fitting of my Olympic equipment and their expertise in helping me place the order on every single piece of my current recurve bow.”

Pickler competes in the recurve women’s category

Attendance to the event is free of charge, but seats are limited. Event starts at the early morning on Saturday the 20th, where all archers are qualifying (recurve bow category taking place after lunch). On Sunday the 21st, the knock-out phase takes place. Since this is an extremely mental sport, contact with fans and autograph collection are most welcome after the final results are announced on Sunday at 4:30pm, or before the qualifying on Saturday 🙂

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Self-shot photo made free — print it and bring it with you if you would like to collect an autograph