Monza in Review

**Due to the fatal accident that occurred in session 9 at S.P.A. Francorchamps, Belgium, during Formula 2 race, this website news decided to postpone its articles and comments on the ensuing race (FIA Formula 2 Championship Session 10, Circuit de Monza, Italy). They may be published at any time prior to the official start of the 11th Session in Sochi, Russia, when we reset to the normal programming schedule of our content.
by journalist Bruna Pickler (cover photo credit: Bruna Pickler – September 7th, 2019 in Monza, Italy)

This is a sintesis of my personal experience while on field on Saturday at Monza Eni circuit

Now, up to my experience in Monza, on Round 10 of FIA Formula 2 and Formula 3


Bruna Pickler (mirror) and Sérgio Sette Câmara before race start (photo credit: Bruna Pickler, September 7th, Monza, Italy)

Italy, Monza, 2019, September 7th (Brazil Independence Day)

My Saturday in Italy began with a friendly car ride to the circuit. Since the house I stayed at was a little bit far from the circuit, I needed to ask for the ride. In the car there was a child who at some point showed me with great pride a photograph he had taken with his idol, Charles LecLerc in the previous evening… in the photo, apparently, Charles had rolled down the window of his car to let the kid take the photo on Friday evening. As I tried to explain to that Italian child that I also met all the drivers, but in a different place, the kid asked me why I could not collect an autograph or photo as well if I saw them. While the kid was mesmerized by my apparent inability to collect a photo or an autograph with his idols, I tried to explain we were all working, together, so we can not simply stop for an autograph like that during work. With the kid still unable to comprehend, the matinal lecture inside the car soon turned into the subject “work ethics” by the kid’s father.

I arrived at the circuit, to a much nicer weather than the day before. As I was now familiar with the whole structure, the whole day passed in a blink of eyes. Nevertheless, at the same time that I thought by being amongst some of the finest people in the world and the most knowledgeable on motorsports industry would bring me new knowledge, some, (I came to find) were also expecting that I had arrived to explain the latest events any better. Unfortunately that was not the case, and I believe everybody understood the things that I could not explain.

Here are some photos I took on Saturday:

Cooperation over competition

I owe big thanks to everyone for the warm welcome, even though I didn’t have time to properly introduce myself to everybody, everyone was being supportive to me at all times. Thanks once again.

Following the Championship’s European calendar so closely in 2019, I was able to observe things on an entrepreneur level as well, so as to adapt this very own website format for this year’s Macao Grand Prix attendance and others.

As all of you continue to read and take part of my experience throughout this website and our social media channels, I will always be considerate to my audience in providing the best of quality content.

Safely eject your U.S.B. drive

In matters of oddities that happened still on Saturday, a main one is here to be addressed. While I definitely hold myself to the journalistic impartiality standard, I witnessed an error on field… and I was happy I could act in prol of everyone. So considering this was an act of mercy to the whole group: while everyone ran to the pits for the race start (Formula 2) I was running behind the mechanics of DAMS, towards the pits. Racing cars left the garage taking another path. While I was the one running right behind the last person in line, which in turn ran in a medium to slow pace, I saw him dropping a U.S.B. drive still outside the gates where whole masses were walking.

Before I was about to accidentally step on it and crash the U.S.B, I instead stopped running, and quickly collected the object from the floor. Myself being a high performance athlete may have helped to quickly react as well.

At that moment I knew that, if up until now I hadn’t master what my role was on that Saturday… at that very time I did: If I hadn’t followed my athletic routine the whole weekend and even purposely ran slower than the whole pack at that time, I would have never seen it fallen. As I reacted with fastness and precision not to step on that object with my Ferrari shoes, as well as to return it to the correct person, I avoid  injuring myself, or anyone else who could have stayed on it besides me. I only knew I needed to collect it and help DAMS team. (I have no clue if the U.S.B. was at all that important anyway, just happy I could help).

Few more photos to be published later.

Thank you for following us until here.

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