Archery World Cup reaches Macao


The very first leg of the Archery World Cup Indoor Series, or WA IWS (World Archery Indoor World Series), is held in Macao since 2018.

The event takes place at The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel (address: The Cotai StripTM, Taipa, Macao SAR, P. R. China – Conventional Hall D 3rd Floor) on the first half of November 2019. It is the first event of a whole world series, and the process is still opened for applications via World Archery main website. After the series leave Macao, they part to Luxembourg, and later to Rome, followed by Sydney, Nimes and the final round happens in Las Vegas.

Remember the anti-doping requirements for World Archery are the same and more strict as the ones regulated by FIA’s (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) competitions to its athletes. For instance, while some substances AND methods are forbidden to FIA’s athletes during competition, the same are forbidden at all times for professional archers (also forbidden while Out-of-Competition).


Bruna Pickler’s participation

Among this year’s entries, Brazilian Bruna Pickler will be competing under a Macanese (CHN) license.

While in 2018, Pickler began learning on how to play archery, her quickest development eventually conquered her a golden medal (team gold) at the University of Macao yearly competition on her graduation year. While it would be unfair to stay and compete with the rookies who are practicing archery for their first time this year at University level, it was also unfair that not many matching intermediate level opponents on female recurve bow category were ever found in the island during practice time.

An opportunity was found at this year’s World Archery Indoor Series competition (Macao leg), so as to have a feel on how it is played against top athletes and learn with a real infrastructure, otherwise never found throughout the year in crowded Macao. The result is also expected to be on an intermediate score level, as it follows the Hong Kong Archery Indoor event held in July, and both events follow a similar setting. Recurve bow category takes several years of practice for an archer to develop into a good to optimal performance, and not being too strict on her athletic improvement on these first years, were key to keeping Bruna Pickler interested in the professional practice of one only sport.

Pickler practices throughout the year at the only archery field that supports archery practice in Macao. Bruna Pickler respects and follows the regulations set by U.S.A. Archery in terms of withholding to the highest levels of safety to be able to obtain skill and develop, while still being effective.

Fan support is dearly appreciated at this debut and via social media as well.

Click here to see Bruna Pickler’s official entry


More info on the event:

Preliminary Program

GAA Elite / University / Master / Barebow / Traditional 

6-Nov     Accreditation / Practice / Equipment inspection

7-Nov     Qualification

8-Nov     Elimination / Final

                                                 GAA Youth / WA IWS

8-Nov    Accreditation / Practice / Equipment inspection

9-Nov    Qualification

10-Nov    Elimination / Final