Bruna’s Take

by journalist and Master of Arts in Communications, Bruna Pickler (photo cover credit: Bruna Pickler/CriaMacau™)

CriaMacau™ as a brand was developed at the corridors of University of Macau. Since 2016 re-sharing marketing cases of success, we use 100% online strategy. During the thesis* phase of Bruna Pickler’s course, CriaMacau™ and the thesis became one. For so, this website news was created. Because we are partially scientific, we would not be surprised if we are never able to fully register our brand in the markets we already participate. The best way to find out about our brand and how you can benefit from or contribute to it, is to navigate this website. We are constantly being updated!

Being Macau a conglomerate of islands, the University has its own strategic location on the main island, which is at the same time a concession of land (given from Chinese island called HENGQIN to Macau Special Administrative Region) and a piece of Macanese Taipa Island.

Respecting the facilities provided by the University of Macau to its students, our brand design followed the same rules. No TVs were available to watch in private rooms, and the only means to access mainstream media where coming from online streaming, in class or local streaming at the library. The whole University circuit is well-built for students and staff. And it becomes nearly all for free for students that live in the premises, with the best air quality of Macau. And that became our religion. We do NOT pay to watch any mediated content.

When the streets of Macau are strategically closed to form the racing circuit called “GUIA circuit”, we would rather be on the inside of the regulated area, to feel likewise we have felt at the time of our development phase, still at the University level back in 2017. With e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g under our control. And so it happened successfully in 2017 and 2018 editions, our participation in the event as media/influencer on each edition. For machine learning purposes and with our brand development, during the year of 2019, we focused on learning throughout the year so as to bring innovation from outside of the island. We spent 2019 online-publishing journalistic content on sports while we adjusted our writers/editor’s health support strategies by daily practice of sports (in Bruna’s case, that was Archery sport). We believe that for the millennial generation, there needs to be active interaction with media consumption combined with a healthy lifestyle, and not only passive consumption of mainstream news like generations ago used to consume.

And who knows what’s next to be developed? We never stop learning, and machine learning is one of our main pillars.

We believe that the duty of a Master in Communications and New Media is to ensure that there is novelty in this space. Every. Single. Day.

Macau Grand Prix 2018


Macau Grand Prix 2017


*(find thesis in full under “Gaming” tab)