“No deal” for Brazilian/Chinese (Macau) archer Bruna Pickler at World Cup

333Brazilian athlete and media Bruna Pickler is confirmed to represent Macao and the Macao Archery Association together with the University of Macau Archery Association at the first leg of Archery Indoor World Series (Macao). The official entry has been issued by University and it was confirmed since August 2019. However, recent occurrences of “force majeure” nature saw the Brazilian outside the island and unable to retrieve her new entry permit or extension of the previous.

“I feel like I fell in the post-BREXIT world just before everyone else did. Looks like it was nobody’s fault at the end, but fact is that I have tried and repeatedly been unrecognized at the border. I have it all confirmed, I have all documents ready, my physical and mental are in check. My equipment is in check. My team is calling for my presence at the Macao side since past Tuesday (and very angry with the scenario that took place). Me and my consulate have tried to repair the case by all possible legal means ever since, but so far, there has been little progress from the Macau side.

Meanwhile, I stay in between Hong Kong and China. And getting ready for the next steps on the road, for me, my CV and my brand. My year only ends in February” (says in regards to the Chinese calendar, where the year finishes later than in the Western calendar).

“Many companies don’t follow both calendar logics. I do!”

Bruna will wait in the strategic “limbo” of countries (China and Hong Kong) until the event has passed. “I am Brazilian. And Brazilian never gives up. It’s in my blood, but if they didn’t learn yet how to take it, it is also not my fault. I live in Macau for 3 consecutive years, so at some point a decision would need to be made by my side on whether to stay longer or not, now that I am recognized in whole Chinese territory as media personnel, after conclusion of my Masters Degree by Federal Institution University of Macao. I am the kind of person that gives only one chance.” — says in regards to representing the current Macau team in the future… or not.

“Let’s see how it evolves in the next few days, as we say in Brazil: ‘hope is the last one to die.'”