Force majeure sees Bruna Pickler’s first Archery World Cup dreams postponed

by journalist and Master in Communications (UM), Bruna Pickler

The event (Archery World Cup – Macao phase) is happening in Macao starting tomorrow and it goes until the end of the weekend. However, force majeure reasons did not allow the athlete to get back in the island.

“It is a shame that I will not be able to have this experience, which I so much carved for since Macao was confirmed on the calendar. At the end of the day, I can only believe that what happened was an instinct of defense from the island to protect me. It sounds odd, I know, but if you’d lived there long enough you’d understand that there is only one stream of revenue (gaming). Not to get too political, it’s a small city, with a huge ego. Its doors are still opened to me, just not at this moment, as I need to accept the cool down period the island set for me. It happens in the best of families… and I hope my teammates and fans have already understood that I tried until the end and that it was not my fault (because some of them were so angry with this announcement).



Besides, this is just the very first leg of the World Cup. I will need to rebuild strategy myself and analyse whether to participate on the next sessions with a new team, or what. I thank so very much the island for having shed the light of this sport to me during the years I lived there. Without this enlightenment I would never truly believe that I had any talent in this sport. Also my team, who tried everything to have me as their official athlete; my brand (CriaMacau), who put the money for me; my fans, who always set the highest hopes on my endeavors; my friends and family for the support. I have only good memories of Macao to take abroad, and that is the feeling I am left with for the end of the western 2019 calendar.

I also take with me my master’s degree title. This is the kind of one that is unique in the whole world, and nobody can take from the masters. I will take it everywhere with me.”

What’s next?

“After I leave the strategic ‘limbo’ the island has created for me? haha… Well, there are a lot of things to produce for this channel and my brand. I am fairly good at predictions for Motorsports, but it is now proved that I am helpless to see ahead of my own sport. [hahaha] Also I need to finish signing autograph to my fans and send per mail. Apart from it, I would like to keep using three languages on a daily basis, and that will take me not too far from China, or not far for too long. As a woman, having completed a Masters degree in such a strong Chinese institution now plays a great deal role in my life, as it justifies a lot for me (and it is just a piece of paper written in three languages with an official Chinese seal). People look differently when you are a woman with enough qualification to remain in a foreign country by yourself. Men don’t need to justify that much, I guess, but we do. Political and immigration issues that scare most of people, don’t affect me anymore, because of this paper — I just learned this in practice today, actually, as I was crossing the Chinese border and I could speak mandarin to the officers [my mandarin is too good for Macao standards. It works elsewhere in mainland, but not in Macao (I feel like a local Chinese when I do this linguistic comments hahaha).] And they understood that I am now back in the Chinese first system to start over.

That being said, many travels are scheduled as well, until the end of the year, which I can not disclose yet. But I wish to have my Brazilian summer holidays, finally, after 2 years. And meet again my 18 year old dog whom I so dearly miss…”