Archery – Bruna Pickler goes Brazilian to claim first home win

Bruna Pickler (BRA) (Gold Medal)

Bruna Pickler (BRA) (Gold Medal)

by journalist and Master in Communication (UM), Bruna Pickler (cover photo credit/source: Bruna Pickler)

The match was disputed at a state level, in the beginner category, where recurve bow category is limited to 30 meters, shot outdoors. The next match takes place on February 15th, 2020 at CPV – Clube de Parapente do Vale. Public attendance is free of charge.

Bruna Pickler’s breeches are sponsored by Horse Pilot 

After thoughtful consideration, and the inability to attend the inaugural World Cup Archery game opener in Macao 2019 under her Chinese/Macau national team setting, Bruna Pickler joins forces with local Brazilian national (Brazilian Archery Confederation) and regional archery team (Wolff Archery) to experience archery for the first time in her home country.

The objective is to keep improvement in the sport of archery, while slowly gather ranking points on a national level up until 2024 (for the Olympics). “I am very thankful for what my Chinese (Macau) team did for me, and all what they have tried to do as well. I am very thankful to have learned this sport in Asia with them, and all the knowledge now I can exchange with the Brazilian athletes, as they so much wanted me to do.”

“From my previous team setting, I can say that I know they put a lot of trust in me. And they always have, from my first arrow. Two factors that need to be taken in consideration, to have been a foreign athlete, and also, being a women in the sports scenario, I have a role to show that gender don’t matter when skill is in play.”

Bruna Pickler (BRA) Santa Catarina Archery Outdoor 30 meters Recurve Bow 1st Leg 2020

Bruna Pickler (BRA) Santa Catarina Archery Outdoor 30 meters Recurve Bow 1st Leg 2020

Bruna Pickler is Brazilian, and has lived in South China for over 6 years. She left Macau (China) after conquering a Masters Degree from University of Macau. While on her last academic semester back in 2018, Pickler has won a golden medal in the sport of archery (team gold). The match, was against a whole generation of amateur Chinese and international students/athletes, who were then defeated. “The match had no differentiation on gender back on that first match. Girls played against boys. Also, my team had two Brazilian (women), on that original setting. Maybe that helped… But out on the international and multinational competitions after that, which I now play at, I came to learn that categories are most often divided.”

“I am surprised with the way my team helped me attend the event in Macau 2019 up until the last minute. They never gave up, even when I didn’t show up at the end, as all of us were expecting would happen. After this failure I know and I am more aware that not everyone is by my side. (laughs) Now I don’t leave anyone with a chance of pulling the rug from under my feet. Not so much for me, but for the ones that rely on me and my work. In addition, all brands that I have worked with in the past, are welcome to join me on my athletic endeavors, in exchange of global exposition.”

“This platform remains active, and brands that seek to sponsor high performance athletes on elite sports, are welcome to reach us. From image management agencies to retailers and product manufacturers (and even direct investors), we keep this platform opened to conciliate both ends’ needs.”