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Welcome to CriaMacau™!

Thank you for your visit. CriaMacau™ is a self-comprehensive online platform. Navigating it is self-intuitive. CriaMacau™ was developed by masters students at University of Macau in 2016 on an intercultural setting, later playing a key role to our ambassador’s thesis conclusion during the first semester of 2018. Being well succeeded since its creation, and with the motto to listen first and act in accordance to demand, it continued to be alive. Our factory secret ever since our foundation is derived from our ambassador expertise on her several years in the international business scenario.

We are not fans of gambling! However, we understand that there are cases and territories where commercial-entertainment supply exceeds demand, and that may affect our service. For so, we have taken the care to point a series of exceptions terms at the end of this terms list, under disclaimer section.

Having trusted suppliers and interested clients on different segments of enterprises and different locations, it is our duty to always be updated in all terms of security.
We have a mail stream set to receive complaints, comments, and other information from all people and potential clients or suppliers and even have a dedicated space for enterprises who are listed to receive our pro-bono services worldwide. However, we may suspend or stop providing our services to you if you breach our terms or policies or if we are investigating you under suspected misconduct.

Our guidelines are written in English language and Portuguese language. However, we reserve the rights to alter our English regulation at any time without prior notice, if we find that a new rule from Brazilian Law is in force, in order to update our service policy and continue to provide international standard quality services. The same way, our English regulations respect the Brazilian Law, specially the ones that regulate Advertising and the ban of commercial gaming/gambling, under Criminal Contravention Act 1941 (Law Decree 3.688) in all Brazilian territory.

For disclaimer purposes only:

Despite the technicality studied and defended in the format of a paper master’s thesis (study can be found under our “gaming” tab) in Chinese (Macau) soil, while being video AND games intrinsic to our globalized society, however, we reserve the rights to permit commercial gaming to our official and unofficial athletes on very specific and rare cases, whereas permission and regulation are subject to our own understanding and discretion and when ALL the below-mentioned criteria are met:

a) while outside Brazilian territory and inside a territory where gambling practice is regulated in 99% of its territory, such as Macao islands;

b) we have already matched 100% of our yearly monetary donations stipulated by our internal regulation on the previous year;

c) the athlete requesting the financial resource for gaming has no compatible skill to match our number one player on a said sport and in neutral territory for both parts;

d) the athlete in question may have no measurable means to protect or access an information that we match;

e) the athlete requesting the financial resource for gaming has apparent less than 51% chance of winning on any given electronic game and;

f) did not have access to our internal combinatoric online metrics since our foundation day.

On any and all other cases, we do not associate with commercial video-game-monetary exchanges.

In regards to donations: we may accept money donations while keeping the donor’s identity anonymous in order to keep our business running in better standards to our own standard held and registered on previous year. All of our financial records are private and are intrinsic part of our factory secret / trade secret. Full or partial disclosure are punishable by law.

Other forms of our internal policy and modus operandi: Zero financial resources are spared for Lottery bets inside Brazilian territory at all times. We may donate extra service instead, where the criteria is met that we are running on a temporary monetary surpass. Our service donation however is also subject to our own yearly hour stock availability and can not exceed the amount of working hours calculated for one employer maximum weekly working time. Same conditions are applied while in visit to Australian Capital, Canberra, or any other country that follows similar non-gaming policy.

About the Criminal Contravention Act 1941 (in accordance with the Rule of Law in Brazilian territory):
The Act defines “games of chance” as (i) a game in which winning or losing depends exclusively or principally on luck, (ii) bets on horses outside the racetrack or other places where such races are authorized and (iii) bets on any sport competition.