F2 – All roads lead to… Monza

**Due to the fatal accident that occurred in session 9 at S.P.A. In Francorchamps, Belgium, during the Formula 2 race, this news website decided to postpone its articles and comments on the next race (FIA Formula 2 Championship Session 10, Circuit de Monza, Italy). They may be published at any time prior to the official start of the 11th Session, when we return to the normal programming of our content.




Tribute to Anthoine Hubert (Photo credit: Bruna Pickler / CriaMacau™)

(Photo credit: Bruna Pickler / CriaMacau™)

Tribute to Anthoine Hubert (Photo credit: Bruna Pickler / CriaMacau™)

~~ 🌺 Remembering Anthoine 🌺 ~~
~~ 🌺 Stay Strong JM 🌺 ~~
~~ 🌺 See you soon JM 🌺 ~~

One week after the tragic loss in the motorsport community, I was taking a plane halfway across the world. Before my departure, I just left a message to my most trusted circle of female friends (whom are all in different countries) and made them (and only them) aware about where I was going to spend the weekend at. –As most of them are also journalists, I had asked them which would be the best approach to participate in this event. (I remember my words as I asked… should I pretend to be strong and that nothing had ever happened so that others would see a supportive point in me… should I sit down on a lane and finally take my time to cry… should I greet people and introduce myself?…) And they wisely told me to act with heart at all times (and now as I am writing this, I think that there would not be any other option to take).

While everyone was wearing stickers in memory of Anthoine Hubert and for strength and recovery to Juan Manuel Correa, my message of support to Juan Manuel Correa can be found in the following lines.

Two main things are to be considered:

The big picture;

  • That I had confirmed and schedule this trip months in advance, and even the official FIA regulations don’t allow for any media to make this decision in any shorter notice (meaning I had already confirmed my presence to FIA F2 Round 10, Italy much before any accident ever happened).

My support to Juan Manuel Correa and his family;

  • Me and Juan Manuel Correa, are two people with similar habits, for so, more often than not I was following his very specific training schedule and gym routine that he so much loved to share with everyone on social media platforms. Both of our physical training are super specific and tough. Most recently, I had mentioned to him that I would make time to line up to collect his signature in either Monza or Sochi weekends, and I let him choose one circuit [this happened on May 19th, 7:34pm CST (China Standard Time) as he chose Monza]. Few months after this brief exchange of message with him, I was confirming my presence to the event as well.

Well, your fan kept her word, but sadly, this meeting never occurred, as he was taken to the hospital right after the accident that happened in Belgium, Round 9 on 31st August, 2019. Juan (whom as I write this post remains in the intensive care unit in a hospital in London), suffered multiple and severe injures to both of his legs and is now in induced coma, to help his recovery.

I am being inclusive here with sharing my own private data, as I see appreciation from his family and PR team who kept receiving the messages and replying me at all times. Maybe, in Juan’s state of mind, he was together with all of us in Monza last weekend.

I decided to share this here, only because I see that his family are publicly replying with generic messages of inclusion, such as “your messages help him to fight and never give up” and “this will be the biggest single motivator for Juan Manuel when he regains consciousness. We invite fans and friends to continue to send supportive messages via social media[…]”. So I feel that this is the least that I can do, seen that our interaction was so brief, but still can be able to help his memory and health condition to improve.

To avoid redundancy in my messages from this point on, and once for all, I should also state here my last interaction with him, which was his message reply to me on August 14th, where he wrote: “We will” after I had messaged him: “Be ready for Monza“.

Juan… whenever you wake up from coma, this is the first thing I will ask you: “Are you still ready for Monza?” 🙂

~~ 🌺 See you soon JM 🌺 ~~

Bruna Pickler (BRA / MAC) watching feature race at Monza circuit with Juan Manuel Correa’s team, Sauber Junior Team by Charouz (Photo credit: Bruna Pickler / CriaMacau™)

I wish that this foreword sheds the light to every single person who reads this, that we should be much more considerate and respectful to all and every kind of data privacy, first of all. And last of all… in regards to social media interaction… where every action we take generates a whole wave of either goodness or immense disregard. Choose wisely what you share.

My complete review about the Italian GP is scheduled for the coming days, add this website to your bookmarks to be the first to receive unique and fresh insights 🙂


Me and Macao community keep praying for Juan Manuel Correa. Get well soon!

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