Saudade – an unique word from Portuguese language. A poetry of a deep meaning word


Saudade is a feeling.

It is a girl, a female word.

A noun you own, and you feel…

It is a deep nostalgy, sad and happy feelings at the same time.
A hopeful feeling which fills in your heart and mind.

Saudades can come in plural or singular.
It means the same but it feels so different…

It is the certainty that you have lived a happy moment, and now you miss it.
It also brings you the craven wish to go back in time to relive that memory.

It is missing someone…

It means that you don’t want to be apart from someone anymore.

You can “be with” saudade.
Being with saudade means that you posses it.

You can say you feel it, – for a moment – but the state of “being with” saudades it’s deeper and means that it is really following you.
No matter where you go, or who you are with, “saudade” is also there.
To have” saudade, kind of means you own it. But for sure it’s not something you feel proud of having conquered.
It more often means somebody else owns – or stole – a piece of you.

That explains why we say that we have saudades “from” someone…

Moreover, you can kill saudade.
Literally kill it.

Just like thirst is killed by drinking,
saudade is killed by meeting again the person you missed. But be careful, once it is dead, it will reborn.

Though sometimes you are unable to kill it as you can not go back in time or the beloved thing may be too far away from your sight – but not from your heart.

But for the faithful knows,
saudade will not last forever.

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